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AGL (Attilio Giusti Leombruni) is a contemporary third generation Italian shoe and handbag brand. Sisters Sara, Vera, and Mari offer super comfortable and stylish pieces made from high-quality Italian leather. 


AMO (translated as the Latin root word for “love”) is a timeless, yet decidedly modern, denim brand created in Los Angeles by women. Despite its subtle vintage details, AMO is designed to fit like true denim and get more comfortable with each wear. 


Apiece Apart, founded in New York, offers high-quality pieces that are intended to be worn repeatedly for years without ever going out of style. Apiece Apart is known for its extensive use of organic, natural, and ethically-sourced fabrics. 


Brodie Cashmere, founded in England and produced in Mongolia, offers lightweight, machine washable cashmere pieces in bright, bold colors. Brodie's silk/cotton WHISPER line is an absolute customer favorite here! 


Cali Dreaming, designed in Venice, California, offers machine washable “California Cool” pieces that can be worn every day. This comfy, fun collection is defined by a wearable color palette with original art prints and offers a perfect fit for everyone’s lifestyle.  


Catherine Gee was founded in Santa Barbara, California as an all-silk collection. Though still emphasizing silks, it has since grown into a full ready-to-wear collection that offers printed blouses and dresses with luxe velvets, high quality cottons, and bold jacquards. 


Clare V. was started in Los Angeles and is defined by classic shapes, modern detail, and Parisian charm. Clare V. offers a full range of bags and accessories made from Italian leather, as well as handcrafted Peruvian knits and crochets.


Dean Davidson jewelry is designed in Toronto and crafted by multi-generational master gem cutters. These beautiful, affordable pieces are cast out of high-quality brass and finished in 22KT gold, providing the perfect compliment to any outfit. 


Fenomena jewelry is all handmade by local artisans in Colombia. Fenomena is characterized by its signature use of emeralds in all of its pieces, and aims to be a unique mix of classic and modern styles. 


Goodr is an American sunglass brand that offers a variety of colorful, fun sunglasses at incredibly affordable prices. Goodr sunglasses are polarized, non-slip, non-bounce, 100% carbon neutral, and come with a 1-year warranty.  


Founded in Spain, HOFF is known for its colorful, playful sneakers. HOFF shoes blur the line between amazing aesthetic, high quality, and fair prices. Its sneakers are designed to be comfortable and worn every day. 


Jag is a Fort-Worth based brand that offers timeless, easy-to-wear clothing made from high-quality and sustainable materials designed to outlast trends. JAG clothing offers women comfortable and flattering wardrobe staples.


From the makers of LINE,  John + Jenn offers classic knitwear with a casual edge. The styles are comfortable, yet feminine, and are produced with affordability in mind without compromising quality.  


Kule is a New York-based independent brand that takes a playful approach to fashion. This fun, vibrant brand makes “happy clothes” with a modern twist that are designed to last forever.  


LaRoque is a bold, bright, and fun collection from Columbia, South Carolina. LaRoque’s artfully curated fabrics, designs, and patterns reflect the brand’s belief in celebrating color and living a playful life.


Le Superbe (“The Beautiful”) is a Los Angeles brand that reflects the surf culture found along the sandy beaches of Southern California. Le Superbe offers a mix of new & vintage, high & low, while drawing inspiration from Venice all the way to Malibu. 


LINE, started in Canada, has made it its mission to provide affordable, everyday luxury for women of all ages and sizes. LINE uses globally sourced materials to create bold patterns, rich palettes, and subtle textures.


Maison Irem, based out of Amsterdam, is an effortlessly chic, no-fuss jewelry brand. Their jewelry can be worn as stand-alone pieces or stacked to create a unique layered look. They are best known for their fine layered chains and intricate coins.


Momoni, founded and made in Italy, began as a lingerie brand but soon grew into a complete collection. It represents a careful balance of aesthetic and comfort, and has become synonymous with "relaxed elegance" over time. 


Moussy, founded in Tokyo, is known for its premium denim that reflects its minimalist Japanese heritage. Moussy has become a global superstar in the denim world and is highly regarded for its impeccable fabrics, fit, and construction that is all finished by-hand. 


Psophia originates from Madrid and is defined by quality, sophistication, and exclusivity. Psophia caters to the “minority of women who look beyond trends” with a refined collection of timeless pieces. 


Re/Done is a U.S. denim brand that focuses on reimagining iconic heritage brands such as Levi's. It does so through mindful and sustainable practices, including the use of upcycled products and reduced-water denim. 


Ree Projects originated in Amsterdam and offers luxury handbags that are meticulously handcrafted in Italy. Ree Projects chooses only premium suppliers of the finest Italian leather to produce its beautiful and functional shapes with distinctive constructions. 


Sabina Musayev is an contemporary, feminine brand from Israel that offers functional pieces at great prices. Sabina specializes in easy-to-wear fahsion that is compatible with the modern woman's way of life. 


Saloni, which means "beautiful" in Sanskrit, offers playful and effortless collections characterized by its signature shapes and custom prints. Its designs allow women to seamlessly transition from casual to formal occasions and back again. 


Smythe is an American brand that offers the “perfect, perfectly fitted” women’s blazer. Smythe has since branched out to also offer an impeccably constructed and methodically tailored ready-to-wear full collection. 


Stateside is a U.S brand that uses natural fabrics and saturated-dyed finishes to give its pieces that "lived-in" feel. It often incorporates a weathered color palette that includes a range of neutrals and faded brights. 


Stephen Wilson is an American artist whose work reflects high fashion influences, traditional craft and quilting techniques, and a pop-culture aesthetic. His pieces often contain millions of embroidery stitches and take hundreds of hours to create. 


Suncoo, founded in Paris, is a contemporary clothing brand that embodies effortless chic-style. It is known for its Boho knits, vibrant prints, fine details, and color combos. Suncoo creates multi-faceted pieces that women can use in their everyday lives. 


Tara Jarmon was founded in Paris and can be best described as “French chic with a twist”. This unique, sassy, and feminine brand exudes feel-good energy and embodies a sense of spontaneity and freedom. 


Vee Collective, founded in Berlin, is known for its functional, lightweight, and versatile totes. Vee’s bags are made from 100% recyclable materials with minimalist aesthetics, and are perfect for work, travel, shopping, sports, or leisure. 


Founded in Spain and designed in Italy, Vilagallo offers collections with a limited number of unique and unrepeatable pieces. It is known for its fun prints, patterned silks, and vibrant colors. 

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